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Recovery and Mental Health


FREEDOM in Recovery and Mental Health

Can I find freedom on my journey through addiction and Mental Health issues?

Can I know forgiveness from past mistakes?

Is there hope for me?

We have a deep need to be loved for who we are and accepted where we are at.

The good news is that Jesus Christ offers us his unconditional and perfect love, and a place in his family.

Find out the freedom we can experience through a loving relationship with him.

Together we can heal and grow.





Would you like to learn more about Jesus or what it means to follow Him while on this journey of Recovery?

Would you like a safe place to find support, friendship & understanding?

You are invited to our RecoveryLIFE group.  Contact Kim for more details.






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ALPHA Recovery Course

Are you overwhelmed with ADDICTION?
Is there a HABIT controlling your life?
Do you need freedom from a COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOUR?

This 16 week course is based on the 12 Steps of Recovery and is presented alongside scripture to address the root causes of addiction.

“I have found that through doing the Recovery Course I have become aware of how all of my life to date has been affected by the thoughts and actions  I established unknowingly from my childhood and teenage years. It has helped me to uncover the source of habits that I would like to improve on or change altogether. I believe that everyone can gain so much from admitting that there are things  in their life that they would really would like to change, for their own benefit and for the benefit of others.  Acknowledging that on our own we struggle, and being prepared to let God help us is the foundation of recovery.”

“I am a helper and the course has been an encouragement for me to see how others have been helped and to hear their testimonies.”


Kim Davids, our Recovery Ministry Leader is currently on maternity leave and will be returning at the end of August 2017. Recovery programs will be in recess until she returns. 

If you would like to know more information, contact the church office on 8397 9400 or email:

Find us on facebook: