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Audio Sermon Archive

To listen to sermons, please select from the available list below. You can listen to audio streaming with Winamp or Windows Media Player, or other similar audio streaming software. To download a sermon, right click on “download”, click on “Save target as” or for Firefox users “Save Link as”, select the folder where you want to store the file on your computer and click on save.

Description Date Play
Mike Hey – Finding Rest 29/12/2013 Download
Peter Steike – A Christmas message 25/12/2013 Download
Mark Purser – Christmas – A Dangerous Journey 22/12/2013 Download
Simon Duke – End of Greed series – Consuming as if animals matter. 15/11/2013 Download
John Flack – End of greed series – Consuming as if the planet matters  08/11/2013 Download
Mark Purser – Elisha prophet of hope – Hope beyond death 03/11/2013 Download
Mark Purser – Elisha prophet of hope – Surrender 20/10/2013 Download
Mark Purser – Elisha prophet of hope – God cares 13/10/2013 Download
Simon Duke – Elisha prophet of hope – God provides 06/10/2013 Download
John Flack –  – Elisha prophet of hope part 1 29/09/2013 Download
Noddy Sharma “Missions Sunday” Mission Pt 1 22/09/2013 Download
Maxine Mostert “Family Service: The Name of Jesus” 15/09/2013 Download
Mark Purser ‘Marriage: For Better For Worse’ 08/09/2013 Download
Mike Hey ‘The Fatherhood of God’ – Father’s Day 01/09/2013 Download
Mark Purser “Healing Prayer” series ‘Power of Prayer’ 25/08/2013 Download
Ann Hey ‘Faith – Filled Prayer” series ‘Power of Prayer’ 13/08/2013 Download
Mark Purser “We Pray Because God is Listening” series ‘Power of Prayer’ 11/08/2013 Download
Mark Purser “The Lord’s Prayer” series ‘Power of Prayer’ 28/07/2013 Download
Mark Purser “The Practise of Prayer” series ‘Power of Prayer’ 21/07/2013 Download
Peter Steicke “Relational Prayer” series ‘Power of Prayer’ 14/07/2013 Download
Andy Denny “People Who Pray” series ‘The Power of Prayer’ 07/07/2013 Download
Brandon Chaplin “Ladder of Opportunity” series ‘Building Lives’ 30/06/2013 Download
Mark Purser “Excel in Generosity” series ‘Building Lives’ 23/06/2013 Download
Mark Purser “Crossing Over” series ‘Building Lives’ 16/06/2013 Download
John Flack “Gospel Inspired Behaviour” Series ‘Authentic Gospel’ 9/06/2013 Download
Mark Purser “Spirit Filled Gospel” Series ‘Authentic Gospel’ 2/06/2013 Download